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PolitiClear combines mobile, ambient social networking and social media to create a one stop solution for everything political for voters.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


We envision a world where voters, think tanks and politicians can satisfy all of their political needs. An ambient political social network which we describe as a political portal/echospere. We envision a mobile political echosphere where voters, politicians and think tanks can organize hyperlocally and nationally. We would like to enable voters to connect with each other based on political ideology, philosophy even nuanced political views.


Chief Technological Officer

Nicholas Rufa

I was in the medical education/pharmaceutical industry for the last 15 years. For the last 8 years, I was CIO/CTO for MedPage Today, a 24/7 news and information website. I was with MedPage Today from site development, launch, through VC funding, and acquisition by EverydayHealth, Inc. late 2010. At MedPage Today, I built the technology platform, still in use today. I also assembled and lead the technology team, as well as the SEO/SEM teams.


Wil LeBlanc

I practiced law for a number of years, specifically civil litigation, including having my own law practice in the state of New Jersey. During that time, I also worked on numerous electoral campaigns as a challenger. For the past four years, I've been working on developing a business plan for a political site which will disrupt the manner political campaigns are organized.


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