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Quincy combines bespoke & ready-to-wear by rethinking traditional clothing sizes for women's work apparel. Made NYC, sold exclusively online


Founded: 2011
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


Quincy is a vertically-integrated e-commerce brand of professional apparel for young, ambitious women. Using a unique approach to sizing, we're reinventing how tailored clothes are made for women. We design/manufacture in NYC's garment district and sell direct-to-consumer through our online storefront. In addition, we're creating editorial content and styling advice to help young women navigate the myriad landmines of the professional dress code



Christina Wallace

Co-founder/CEO of Quincy. Creative background (Interlochen Arts Academy, Metropolitan Opera) as well as business (BCG, HBS MBA). B.A. theater & math from Emory.


Alex Nelson

Co-founder/COO of Quincy. Experienced retail consultant focusing on strategy, operations & supply chain. HBS MBA '10. MIT Mechanical Engineering '06.

Director of Product Development

Alain Machado

Experienced fashion designer. Formerly first assistant to Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein.

Editorial Director & Stylist

Chelsa Skees

Experienced stylist and fashion blogger, with experience working at Calvin Klein with the design teams in New York and Milan.


Stuart Nelson

Back-end developer (focused in Ruby on Rails) with experience in Shopify.


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