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Kayak meets GoogleMap - a map-based aggregator for the vacation rental industry powered by social recommendation & activity discovery tool


Founded: 2007
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Pinocular is a new concept in vacation rental market based on top of the existing rentini platform. Pinocular synchronizes all data for homeowners and property managers and make searching for vacation rental simple



Vadim Oss

Vadim Oss Rentini, TDAmeritrade, ThinkOrSwim, Ingenio - Master degree in electrical engineering, working in hi-tech for 13+ years. - Backend architect, Ingenio ($320M acquisition by AT&T) - Management/ Architecture, TDAmeritrade (NYSE:AMTD) / 5 years management - Vacation Rentals owner for 9 years - Junior champion of Russia in swimming 400 m freestyle - Enjoy building successful businesses from scratch, love sports and outdoor

VP of Technology

Dmitriy Tochilnik

Dmitriy Tochilnik Rentini, DCMSYS, AdBrite, AMD - Master degree in electrical engineering, working in hi-tech for 15+ years. - Founder of Rentini, a vacation rental management software. - Founder of DCMSYS health care hi-tech company. Brought it to profitability from scratch without investment - Built AdBrite architecture


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