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Solys are what happens when Invisiline meets Louboutin. Custom, sexy, 3D printed insoles for shoes. They're a lifestyle, not a product.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


At Solys, we belive every shoe should be perfect. Why should you have to choose between design and comfort? By combining the power of on demand manufacturing with 3D scanning, Solys strives to create the perfect insole. Low cost, 100% custom, made on demand. At Solys we're coining the phrase "custom-mass" and driving the shift from "mass manufactured" to "made for me".


Founder and CEO

Kegan Fisher

In 2007 Kegan founded Design Glut, a housewares brand. Kegan left Design Glut in 2011 to focus on on-demand manufacturing, and address the challenges she faced as a young designer taking product to market. Later that year she joined Shapeways as the Dir. of IE and OPS where she built the Factory of the Future. Kegan is now focused on building Solys - a platform that combines the power of 3D printing with 3D scanning to create the perfect insole.


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