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Tespack Inc.

Wearable, lightest and the most efficient Solar Powered Products guarantees that you will never run out of energy again


Founded: 2013
Employees: 8
Quick Pitch:


Tespack brings power back to the people by combining renewable energy and nano technology with data services. Our patented solar-, battery- and wearable products brings freedom of energy for all. Tespack develop, sell, license and lease solar panels, battery banks and build services around its shareable mobile wifi via its battery units.



Mario Luis Aguilera

- More than 7 Years in international trade and business. - Deep knowledge in British, South American and Asian markets. - Worked in negotiations between Bolivian and European governments as a mediator. - Thorough understanding in business strategy and branding. - Accurate at Logistics and planning. - Able to work in any culture or environment. - Multilingual


Caritta Seppa

Administrator at Embassy of Finland in Belgrade Freelance Market Researcher at Finnish Government Administrator at Maailmanvaihto Translator at Giri Desings


Ismo Rantala

Ict and startup professional with a global experience for 15 years. Co Founder of MobileMonday, Mobile Entertainment Forum, Nest New York, OneMinStory, MobileZoom.


Tero Peltoniemi

More than 6 years experience in eCommerce, film production, editing and directing.


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