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Trubador Inc.

Instant & revolutionary new platform to connect consumers and businesses via trusted feedback.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Trubador provides a platform that connect businesses with potential customers using a revolutionary patent-pending feedback algorithm. When both sides complete a transaction they use natural language terms such as ‘Value for Money’ or ‘Professional’ to feedback on each other. Customers can then search based on that feedback, and businesses can screen potential customers based on feedback received by that customer.



Ian Bray

Ian Bray is a seasoned IT professional with over 10 years experience in operating in the most complex IT environments in the world. Ian has navigated the path between technical and commercial aspects of the industry throughout his career. As a Product Manager he has brought products to market that contributed double digit growth in their first quarter and rejuvenate legacy products to double digit growth in his first year in charge of them.


Patrick Bray

Experience Managing Director and Marketing Director (CEO/CMO) with 40 years leadership experience, serial successful entrepreneur, author of 'Total Innovation' release in 1993 by the Financial Times.

Community Director

Irina Mecham

Prior to founding Trubador, as a freelance artist, she has acted as her own business manager of its product: the art. Trubador evolved as a means of fixing the shortcomings she had seen as a freelancer- both as someone offering her services and from the other side. Irina has a Master's of Music degree at Florida State University.


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