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Turkey precision Medicare quoting, enrollment and client management digital tools for insurance & financial professionals to optimize clients' health benefits.


Founded: 2018
Employees: 15
Quick Pitch:


People over 50 are the fastest growing demographic group in the US. When health and life benefits are mismanaged, individuals AND a variety of healthcare and financial players incur significant cost and lose revenue. Trusty delivers Precision Benefits – a benefits picture unique to each individual. Our tools guide brokers, advisors and individuals to the best insurance package that covers their particular conditions, drugs and doctors.



Joseph Schneier

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Gerard Carey

Community Lead/Head of Sales

Gustavius Smith


Julie Kennedy

R&D - Product

Chris Russell


Paul Hands

Google, Salesforce, Two Sigma

Head of Product

Vanisree Pamganamamula


Software Engineer

Alexey Chernyuk

Software Engineer

Arafullah Shihab

Data Scientistt

Denise Sison

Implementation Engineer

Ian Finlay

Software Engineer

Eric Loucks


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