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We're the 'browser history' for your whole life.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


voyurl is the browser history for your whole life. All your streams, searches, check-ins, purchases, likes -- everything you do across all of your devices -- made useful. It's a private, personal chronicle of your digital self. It effortlessly & confidentially pulls the data from your digital behaviors (like a diary that writes itself). Then it helps you put that data to use by turning your apps & actions into something truly useful & meaningful.


Founder + CEO

Adam Leibsohn

Adam has worked in marketing and digital strategy for almost a decade. He cut his teeth building businesses & working on award-winning campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. He believes that our future lies in data & that it should be our right to have control of our own data. He also thinks that, these days, the tech & platforms we use make us do too much of the heavy lifting for them. He decided to be proactive & build voyurl.

Co-Founder + CTO

Mike Khristo

Mike is a seasoned startup vet with 15 years of tech innovation under his belt. He always swings for the fences & has the patents to prove it. What makes Mike tick is making products tick. Give him a terminal & a little time, and he can get it done. Mike believes that innovation should create positive change not just pocket change. He knows that big data will continue to be a big part of our future; he wants to help everyone get to know big data.


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