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Worldview: Your Window to the World

Share Ultra HD (1440P+) photos of what the world looks like now to spread cultural awareness. As a reward, you are entered to win a trip anywhere in the world.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


In the consumer-mobile app world, everything is digital. The exact opposite is true with Worldview. Worldview is about viewing, taking and sharing Ultra HD (1440P+) pictures in order to spread cultural awareness about wherever you are right now, in the physical world. Then, just by participating in the community, you are entered to win a plane ticket anywhere in the world. We are about harnessing the power of Data, Design, and Technology to affect real change in the physical world, starting by lowering the barrier to visual information about a place, and ending with sending our World Ambassadors globally to do good for local economies. We are experienced mobile entrepreneurs who really care about bringing the learnings from our digital world to make a social impact in the physical world. Contact us today and let's make it happen.


Andre Borczuk


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