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Wynn Imports, Inc.

Empire Spirits 1972 Get ready. It's mixed! Grab some ice, celebrate a party, be the party, enjoy the spirits from New York City's Metropolis


Founded: 2009
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


With the pioneering spirit of Austrian-America family heritage Philipp Haberbauer is proceeding with plans to enter the American and European marketplace with an innovative cocktail product. If you know anything about America it is that the entrepreneur spirit is alive and well within the hearts of its business community. And to create our products in the United States for worldwide acceptance.


President - CEO

Philipp Haberbauer

Mr. Philipp Haberbauer, the owner of Empire Spirits 1972, New York, ready-mixed cocktails. My professional background comes from being in the hospitality industry. I have a degree in culinary arts from Austria. Being in hospitality for over 20-years has allowed me to observe and listen to what people enjoy when it comes to being entertained and made felt comfortable.


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