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Yank Technologies, Inc.

TRUE Wireless Charging - No Contact Required


Founded: 2015
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Yank Technologies, Inc. is a wireless charging startup in the Hardware Incubator New Lab. We develop wireless charging technology that can safely charge electronics through the air. Like WiFi but for power. Our first product called the MotherBox is the first wireless charger that can REALLY wirelessly charge your device, no contact required. You can charge your iOS or Android devices simultaneously and never worry about your charging cables again. Furthermore, we have used the MotherBox to validate the technology for other businesses for industrial contracts. We have successfully developed the technology for automotive companies and completed the first wireless charging hub inside of a Jeep Compass so you can always stay charged on the road. If you want to see what a wireless future looks like, we can show you.


Chief Executive Officer

Josh Yank

Josh graduated magna cum laude from University at Buffalo in three years with a B.S. in Finance, and then graduated from Binghamton University a year later with an MBA. Furthermore, he is a self-taught electrical and software engineer.

Analog Engineer

Jin Li

Jin received his BS in Electrical Engineering at University at Buffalo and a Master's in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University. Jin has domain expertise in circuit designing, lab testing, and circuit debugging.

PCB Engineer

Harshal Agrawal

Harshal received his BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Mumbai and his Master's in Electrical Engineering from NYU in 2011. He has domain expertise in RF Power amplifiers, switches, and Transceiver devices.

Antenna Engineer

Dan Gudino

Dan received a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Davis, and a Master's in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. He has worked 9 years in the electronics industry, in California, principally on high frequency electronics and electromagnetic modeling.

Chief Engineer

Monika Chaudhari

Monika graduated from NYU with her Master’s in Electrical Engineering, and has a specialization in RF design and signal processing.


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