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Geopipe, Inc.

Geopipe uses machine learning to build rich virtual copies of the real world for visualization, simulation, and interaction.

Invergo Coffee

Coffee is a experience, deeply engrained in our culture, we are improving that experience at home.

mugs for mothers

Mugs for Mothers provides a platform for giving back by using creativity to fuel philanthropy.

HITEKS Solutions Inc.

HITEKS structures documents and presents summarized patient clinical data in an interface within doctors' workflow to save them time.

Verizon Services

Verizon regularly updates email client settings to improve security but still, there are several reasons that can hinder your work at any time of the day.

Atomite, Inc.

Personal Information Management Solution (PIMS) for Heavily-Regulated B2C Companies


Everwaters designs and sells high-quality water filtration systems to families in emerging markets, starting in East Africa.


A free blockchain bookkeeping system. Saving you time, saving you money.


Lindivie is the primary place where customers will have a realistic display of the many brands and items a person owns and intends to own

Nelson, Khalil & Kayden Corp.

The Portable Safety Dish is the first patented securable food/item storage dish which will be useful in the home and industry.


Free Online Tools Provider


RFID based automated mobile messaging for Retail based on customer physical presence at-door.

Kosher Sex

A one-stop shop for couples to enhance their intimate life.


Tattle is reimagining the merchant and customer relationship in the age of the smart phone


WeDidIt aggregates thousands of personal data points to make prospect research automated and accessible to all nonprofits looking for new donors.


Service for organization, promotion and searching for parties


TravAlarm is the app that knows your travel plans, monitors your travel network and provides you with alerts to avoid travel pain.

MuMM uses visual choices to give brands and celebrities a more meaningful way to engage their audience and produce actionable data.

Serial Box

Called “HBO for readers” by NPR, Serial Box brings readers and listeners original serials that are released in weekly episodes during 10-13 week seasons