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PCBAs are core to every Electronic device but require weeks & hundreds of dollars to make. BotFactory builds desktop tools to produce PCBAs in hours for $20

3P Partners, Inc

Enterprise partners boost engagement, retention, LTV - all through a low-friction platform that mashes up smart tech, game strategy and a currency of good.

FilmUin Inc.

FiLMUiN is an exciting video review platform, pioneering the way people review and confidently choose restaurants, hotels, nightlife and other locations.


The Beauty Matchers

Pink Degree

Pink Degree is an eLearning platform that explores the transition period of college to career.

ourbus inc

OurBus builds communities by creating smart routes based on commuter demand.


Inclusive fitness directory showcasing 100k+ facilities targeting the 70M American's who are gym members and spending $20+ per month beyond their memberships.

BRASH Engines Inc.

BRASH CHP: Heat & Power for the homeowner. Replace furnace, halve winter fuel cost, eliminate the power bill, while lowering GHG emissions.


Technology company that develops products of sustainable mobility destined to make the world a better place for future generations.

1Stop Energies, LLC

Uniquely designed toroidal coils that work to improve applications in health devices, generators, power converters, and many other advanced research tools.


Instructrr is a virtual studio platform for fitness creators and modern fitness enthusiasts.

Revelio Labs

Revelio Labs provides an in-depth view into the workforces of companies around the world.


SeeMe supports the professional development and recognition of emerging artists while promoting their work to a dedicated network of collectors and enthusiasts.


Bittylab, LLC, a women-owned MedTech start-up, is the maker of Bare® Air-free feeding system, a patented device that treats and prevents infant GERD symptoms.


Web solutions with sustainable core values. We use carbon neutral servers, community based code and local labor to provide low cost websites

IndiCure Health Tours

Most Renowned Medical Tourism Company providing one stop solution to medical tourists seeking India as medical treatment destination.

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SUPAspot Inc

SUPA is a biometric sensor/data platform for apparel.

BOLD Organics

BOLD Organics develops and sells gluten-free, dairy-free and organic food products that are BOLD in flavor and that consumers enjoy eating.