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'Spotify-like' subscription box service that employs big data & predictive analytics for curated product recommendations


Money back when you buy or rent a home in New York


Project management software hosted on your own cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, private server)

Corey Rockafeler

Hi I am Corey Rockafeler, now part of the new dynamic commercial finance company , Ravenbanq.

College Confident

College Confident is an innovative youth-led college access program servicing public high schools.


TransitScreen provides custom live displays showing all transportation options at your exact location, allowing informed, sustainable travel choices.

Kool Nerd Clothing

An social impact apparel brand and social movement that uses clothes to market the positive values of today’s Kool Nerd - Hard Work, Intelligence, and Passion

hello peers

AI-driven platform to generate optimal teams for university students to do projects or startups across campuses & across disciplines - or play tennis.

Vital Formulas

Daily multivitamins in the right combinations for each time of day. Balanced Trio Morning, Mid-day and Evening. The most effective way to take supplements.


Amorphyk categorizes all your social streams and friends automatically so that you don't have to. No keywords, tags, circles lists or groups

D8able LLC

LGBTQ Matchmaking & Dating Advising company focused on showing the community how to be D8able and then matching them with someone through detailed psy-profiling

IntroAmerica Inc.

IntroAmerica is the solution for American brands to market to the global middle class student and his/her parents. IA's first target market is China.

Kungphoo Inc.

Kicking Your Advertising and Promotions Up a Notch!


Providing entrepreneurs with crowdfunding specialists all in one crowdfunding platform.


Monthly blank calendar is very easy to customize. You can download your calendar as image or pdf file.


EHR.Works makes healthcare providers more productive.

NY Car Broker

NY Car Broker, 906 Third St, New York, NY 10017, +1 646-780-8128

Plum Perfect

we use your photos to discover products ‘just for you’