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Dog Parker

Dog Parker places high-tech, internet-connected dog houses on the sidewalk outside of stores where dogs aren't allowed serving both dog owners and retailers.


Augmate is the world’s leading device management solution for wearable technology and is bringing the power of blockchain and distributed ledger to all IoT.


Dajomi plans to revolutionize the headhunting industry by conducting online case competitions for the most sought-after careers

Luiza Vickers

Luiza Vickers was born on March 14, 1979, in Poland.


Roomeze specializes in renting apartments room by room through a roommate matchmaking service.


The simplest way to book activities for children.

Thankful Registry

Where thoughtful, design-minded people create the most beautiful online gift registries.

Lina Franco Attorney

Lina Franco Attorney offering the ideal and strategic suggestions in complicated research and multi-defendant trials.


Kara is an enterprise SaaS platform that automates the production of marketing material, while maintaining brand integrity.


CraftHounds is the first Fresh Craft marketplace for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, delivering local products on-demand within one hour.


Releaf connects African businesses to customers they can trust.

Daniel 's Startup

Greetings, I am Daniel Uchechukwu Ezeigbo, from Nigeria seeking to apply for a start up visa to be able to immigrate to Canada to start up my business


Re-Nuble’s patent-pending on-site nutrient system enables soilless farms to quickly unlock nutrients from food waste for uptake by crops.


Ally is a the first non-wearable health monitor designed to alert caregivers to changes in a seniors health.

Elitka Group

Elitka Card is for those who are accustomed to special treatment and who enjoy spending quality time while saving money on their daily life experiences.

Glass Handbag

Glass Handbag has designer handbags with a patented process to illuminate the interior of a handbag. Licensing and retail/wholesale possible.