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Cennarium is a global media business building a film library of opera, dance and theater.


CosmoSafe bridges wealth, skills, diversity & inclusion gaps in beauty education via tech as the future of work changes.


CrowdFlik is the patented mobile video synchronization and collaboration platform that enables quick review and creation of new videos from shared videos.


Online university platform for project skill sharing and feedback.

J'aime Organics LLC

We are launching a truly luxurious, fresh, delicious, 100% raw and organic juice and food enterprise from the heart of Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Sacred Automotive

Sacred Automotive is Alvin, Tx based garage which works on engines like Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax. We are also expert in the diesel diagnostics.


We Redefine the Living Room Experience from Lean Back to Lean Forward, with Our Second Screen Interaction Platform!


DocFlight is an international telemedicine company connecting Chinese patients to top US doctors.

Jeremy Abelson

Jeremy Abelson is the founder and CEO of the cross-growth fund, Irving Investors.

Barber Surgeons Guild

Modern take on men’s grooming built for the 80 million men in the US experiencing hair thinning, and millions more who want to prevent it.

Little Fancy

Little Fancy is a refreshingly crisp take on the classic wine spritzer cocktail, with only 90 calories, 4 grams of sugar, and 5.5% ABV per retro-chic can.

Open Haus

OH will be a haven for all parents offering a signature pre/postnatal fitness method, a café/ community space, childcare, expert advice and member programming.

NuHu National

Taxi For The Drivers NuHu Nаtіоnаl will dеѕіgn аnd develop tаxі mоbіlе apps called NuHu Taxi. NuHuTaxi is a leasing app for taxi cab drivers.

Geopipe, Inc.

Geopipe uses machine learning to build rich virtual copies of the real world for visualization, simulation, and interaction.

MirCou, Inc.

The first interactive tourism guide for families based on storytelling. Turning every city trip into an adventure. It's the future of digital city guides!


A market network that connects creatives with work and professional connections by quantifying their skills and matching them to on-demand teams.

Vivian Creative Studio Inc

We combine online systems with back-end experts to make it easier and more affordable for customers to get personal or commercial image retouching/editing.