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BuroHQ | Lower Manhattan


77 Bowery
8 floor
New York, NY 10002
United States
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$300.00 per person
16 spaces


Buro HQ is a creative think tank full of ambitious entrepreneurs. You'll be rubbing shoulders with crypto and blockchain startups, as well as fintech, fashion, adtech and media companies. Open sky and city views with oversized windows. Entire 8nd floor beautiful white art-penthouse with rooftop and 9’ ceilings, exposed brick walls and original whitewood floors, 24/7 access, 2 elevators opening directly into the space. Situated at the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge. Come by and enjoy the beautiful design, art and inspiring atmosphere here! Located in the heart of Lower Manhattan, the Fintech, AdTech & Fashion district in NYC, close to all the major subway lines and hottest tech companies such as Squarespace, & Square, Zocdoc, Reddit, Foursquare, Warby Parker. 24/7 Access, Conference room + Lounge all equipped with SmartTV, Projector & Sound System, Phone Booths for privacy and Nap Room for sleeping! 3650 Sq.ft loft with 9 foot ceilings. Personal lockers & Storage options, Mail. Central Location Within 5 min walking distance to all major subway lines (B,D,F,M,N,Q,R,W,J,Z,4,6). Please send inquiries via email: [email protected] or call to the community manager, BuroHQ at (917)582-4244.


Company: What BuroHQ Does

BuroHQ provides an NYC's workspace, community, Investment Relation for Crypto & Blockchain startups, and FinTech, Fashion-, Media-, AdTech entrepreneurs with Ethereum/Bitcoin, who share the space, partnership, have the opportunity to work together, and that want to enter the Global market with offices in megapolises: New York, London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Paris, San Paulo. The majority of BuroHQ's early tenants have at least $3-5M in annual revenue, with some hovering around the 50-100M-dollar valuation range. BuroHQ only welcomes companies that have raised $500K+ or have annual revenue of $500K+ (seed-round for the global expansion or R&D, marketing, business development), that have 3 to 9 employees in global megapolises not included HQ. BuroHQ, aiming to be the Blockchain Tech with Cryptocurrency for office leasing and co-working space. We found all in style as "Liberty. Luxury. Security. Total guest Privacy" thing, which became an icon of the decade, maintaining the dream of enriching everyday life through modern design and creating a co-working experience that is both theatrical and intimate by adhering to a strict policy of complete guest privacy. Members can also access exclusive panels, the most recent featuring serial entrepreneurs, experts, business angels and VC funds. By the end of this year, BuroHQ expects to have about 10 locations in global megapolises. BuroHQ transforms traditional office rental into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can share, sell or rent out high-quality office spaces using Ethereum/Bitcoin digital tokens.

House Rules

Find an open seat by the common area for 16+ and hot desk, in the main workroom, or in the back by the big steps. For late nights and weekends, please stay in the front common area.Show your ID to security in the lobby and ask them to active the elevator to the 8th floor. Go up to the 8th floor via elevator. Head up the floor to check in.If you're arriving after 6 pm, call ahead to make sure there is someone on staff that can let you in.For night and weekend access, CHECK IN and you'll be able to unlock the doors electronically. If you can't get in the workspace, call BuroHQ at (917)582-4244.The 2 floor of BuroHQ Howard is home to Crypto & Blockchain Accelerator. Meet some of the hottest startups in FinTech!Hosting open nightout for crypto community, startups and investors, workshops, hackathons, happy hours, members luncheons, lunch and learn, meditation, meetups, fire side chats, you name it! Any interested guests can participate in the event. Fitting up to 50-80 people with state of the art A/V equipment for $500-1000/hour during the evenings. Please book an appointment via email: [email protected].
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