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The Harlem Collective


1867 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10031
United States
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$200.00 per person


We are Harlem's newest coworking space and gallery with a local community of design and tech startups, artists and activists at the forefront of their fields. The Harlem Collective is situated in the heart of Upper Manhattan, and is the first coworking space in historic Hamilton Heights! Offering the most affordable desks in NYC and space for community events, we strive to play a role in the second Harlem Renaissance. We offer dedicated desks at $200/mo, private office for one person at $400/mo, and private office for two people at $600/mo. Rental includes: - Conference room - High speed internet - 24/7 access - Windows in most offices - Large work areas - Professional setting - High ceilings - Filtered water - Printer/scanner - Receptionist Located conveniently to multiple trains (A/B/C/D/1 at 145th St), The Harlem Collective also offers easy access to a plethora of new bars and cafes, such as The Chipped Cup, Harlem Public, Monkey Cup, The Handpulled Noodle, BoNo Trattoria, The Grange Bar & Eatery, among others.


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