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Chat about Dev+Ops over Morning (Coffee|Tea)



Le Pain Quotidien
931 Broadway
New York,
United States


Thursday, August 15, 2019 -
8:30am to 10:00am


We're a group of folks brought together by our shared love of community, coffee, software development and operations (DevOps) in NYC.

Come on by, have a seat, enjoy a nice (hot|cold) cup of (coffee|tea), and chat with some fellow early-risers about the things that we're passionate about: dev+ops, human+ops, leadership, automation, metrics, infrastructure as code, and all the other things that make what we do so fascinating.

We use the lean coffee process ( to help facilitate discussion among DevOps enthusiasts, DevOps Engineers, and those interested in learning more about the topic. Everyone is welcome!

Please note that we strictly follow the CoffeeOps Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct (

Inspired by #CoffeeOps, started in San Francisco by the amazing Jennifer Davis (@sigje).