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Tosha 's Startup

Convenient, simple interface. Effective encryption system and protection against hacking.


Map Collective is an online hub for environmental news, data, and impact tracking via a digitally calculated carbon footprint.

CoolBox Innovation Studio

CoolBox Innovative Studio is an innovative & creative web design and development company. We provide excellent Custom web solutions and cost-effective services.


Inspiring sustainability one beautiful face at a time.


At last! A private and secure website where you can record and share your child’s special moments with close friends and family.

Piels Beer

Iconic New York heritage beer brand founded in 1883, making a comeback!


The first true peer-to-peer social network.


Communications & advertising agency delivering creative ideas around the world

Universal Tutors

Universal Tutors is a marketplace connecting students and tutors for both offline classes & online sessions in our dynamic online classroom


email evolved. simplified, sorted and visualised.

AT&T Service

AT&T originates from the outstanding brand "Yahoo!" and it has extra components that lead to amusements, news, music, and numerous more random administrations. is an online event platform that allows people to create, manage and promote events and communities.


Vernax is a wearable that allows you to connect to your devices or services through speech without visual confirmation or looking at your phone.


Humanizing new patient engagement and bridging digital marketing fractures. We meet new patients at the communication door of their choice.


Our pieces are Modern + Original, with Versatility for the Style Mavens and Independent Fashion Forward 'Individuals'.


The Exerblast system is a multi-zone game environment that plunges kids & adults into a richly varied, seamless, 45-minute fitness adventure