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Elemental Path

CogniToys are affordable, speech based learning devices that provide each child a fun, personalized and educational play experience.


SoundCentralStation connects music professionals via the music they have worked on together, making credits an asset for getting more work.

The RockaDoos

Americans have $1.4T in college debt and 2/3 fail a basic financial literacy test. RockaDoos is the best way to teach our young people the basics of money.


Our purpose is to unify image processing and machine learning technologies with online apparel shopping to eliminate its primary problems.

a brainstorming competition for founders and investors; experience the startup life in a single afternoon.


Empowering landlords and tenants to rent smarter and cheaper. targets a gap that exists between E-Bay and Craigs List in the on-line auction space. The fix is smart, green, lucrative and fun.


Livespot 365 connects artists to fans through high definition live streaming of their events.


Cartogram provides indoor location services for businesses including line wait times, product search, staff monitoring, & indoor map CMS built into Google Maps.


MealPlan is the optimal tool to consistently bring busy friends together. Planning meals should be about choosing friends, not dates and times.


WeDemand shares fan demand and data with artists and managers, enabling a one-to-one conversation while helping inform the best places to tour.


Create, sign, send, and translate custom contracts on your phone in under a minute.


Discover, Shop & Share what celebrities ACTUALLY like, in their own words


email evolved. simplified, sorted and visualised.

Riazul Imports LLC

Riazul produces unique and distinctive ultra-premium sipping tequilas made from 100% blue agave for tequila aficionados and enthusiasts.

AmerIsrael Capital Management, LLC

A niche mutual fund investing in Israeli stocks targeting endowments, 403b plans and donor-advised funds of Jewish and Evangelical groups.

Q Designs

Q Designs is a luxury brand creating products with embedded technologies.

Meal Idea

Meal idea is a analytic platform focused on determining what makes a recipe viral. This is used to help brands create native advertising.


SkillsEQ applies data science to connect professional job requirements to higher education.