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The world's first contextualized personal data platform, delivering highly personalized, predictive services, content and offers.


Touchable is a touch screen software platform designed to promote lead generation and analyze consumer behavior for brick and mortar businesses.

Karst Stone Paper

Global sustainability company that focuses on creating luxury stationery and lifestyle products. Our paper products are made from sustainable stone paper.


Your online destination for stylish, sustainable fashion.


101 is transforming college STEM education with a next-generation active learning platform that promotes student engagement and improves student outcomes

Airplay TV Inc

A video-on-demand network for Original entertainment shows created by indie vloggers and video content creators. Like Netflix but with user generated content.


The new food safety device offers a never-before-seen way to reduce illnesses due to cross-contamination.


Smart clothes platform for vital health information so user can make wiser choices about health and lifestyle

SongCat Music Inc.

SongCat aims to be the premium online recording studio providing the largest network of vetted session musicians, engineers & singers, accessible from anywhere.


The online community and marketplace for video production


Online marketplace for new artists to broadcast/share their music with loyal fans and receive in exchange financial donations, from them.


A podcast app that learns what you love & recommends new, related podcasts. We later plan to modernize podcast advertising, benefiting authors & advertisers.

Immersive Systems Inc.

Immersive is unifying analytics with media content and social conversation, creating beautiful & engaging mobile & augmented reality experiences for sports fans

ourbus inc

OurBus builds communities by creating smart routes based on commuter demand.

Tunnel X, Inc.

Tunnel X brings secure, private conversation to everyone. The best place for online conversation, realtime or not. Both refreshingly simple and utterly secure.


Whether buying a single article or purchasing a subscription, Swishu allows readers to read and publishers to publish - how they want to.


WeDidIt aggregates thousands of personal data points to make prospect research automated and accessible to all nonprofits looking for new donors.


First 100% self-service solution for mystery shopping projects management


Automagically generate beautiful site-flows & screenshots in seconds.