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Carmellimo delivers affordable NYC Limo Services - 24/7 Airport Transportation Services. Reliable limousine service at an affordable rate.


Sqoot's API helps publishers monetize by displaying relevant, aggregated deals to users.


World's first platform that uses AI to connect companies with skilled, local freelancers in the same city at highly affordable rates

Banana Skirt Productions

Banana Skirt Productions (Banana Skirt) is a successful New York City-based fitness boutique that merges dance routines and high-intensity workouts.

Stay with Stella, LLC

Stay with Stella is a community for cat lovers who love to travel - hosts get free cat sitting; sitters get a free place to stay.

Inventway, a company that invents & markets its own innovative projects.


PopFuse is a gaming platform that empowers publishers, businesses and consumers to easily create media-rich casual games and embed them anywhere for free.

Be Inclusive

Be Inclusive is a search-and-discovery mobile app, that reveals search results based on inclusivity of venues, merchants and much more.


SeatServe is the enterprise in-seat delivery agency that allows fans to use their smartphones to have food, drinks and merch delivered directly to their seat!


Smart mirrors-as-a-service for fashion retail and hospitality that improve quality of service, drive additional sales and collect unique customers data.


A rental-car platform that uses NFC & biometrics to eliminate physical vendors to place cars closer to the user and ultimately form a new way to rent cars.


Muserk makes video more powerful!


Truegether is a social marketplace. We believe that network effects have not been exploited in a marketplace yet.

FreeCycle Organics, Inc.

FreeCycle will provide effective, healthy, natural and safe alternative to topical steroids for over 33 million who suffer from Eczema in the US.

The KOJIYA Company

mission is to provide a portfolio of Pre & Probiotic KOJI based products that promote good digestive health and well-being.

Couponomy Inc.

Couponomy uses a proprietary algorithm that lets users automatically share the value of loyalty points they earn with their entire network of friends.

Woofy AI

Know when, how and what to post. Social media management driven by AI.