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Lyft is adding bike lanes to its app to encourage safer riding

Bike lanes are coming to Lyft’s app. The ride-hailing company is adding protected bike lanes and bike-friendly routes to its app to help customers feel more confident shifting to two-wheeled transportation. Protected bike lanes will appear as dark green lines in the app, while less-protected but still bike-friendly routes will appear as dotted green lines. The new feature will start rolling out on iOS today, and Android will follow soon. But they will be available only in markets where Lyft operates bike- and scooter-sharing services.

“We believe that providing clear information about bike lanes in our app will encourage more people to choose two-wheeled transportation for their trip,” Caroline Samponaro, head of micromobility policy for Lyft, said in a statement. “Each ride on a bike or scooter represents a win for the environment, congestion, and a more livable city — and that’s what Lyft is all about.”

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