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The New York Tech Power 50

Industry insiders will tell you that New York has always been a hub for technological innovation and enterprise, but a string of recent events have turned heads from the West Coast to the East Coast, making this the perfect time to release City & State’s first Tech Power 50 list.

Power is a hard thing to define in any field, but being a key player in the tech world is to have the other foot in any number of other worlds – whether that’s finance, health, security or design. Perhaps you coined a pithy expression that is now driving the national debate over maintaining an open internet. Maybe you’re tackling the challenge of directing public policy for New York’s most visible startups. You might be drawing from a wealth of experience to take on the even tougher challenge of correcting gender and race inequities in tech.

We (City & State New York) reached out to insiders and experts to compile this list, ranking each person based on their achievements, their business savvy, their interplay with state and federal government, and their sway with powerful politicians. Since we cover elected officials on a day-to-day basis, we limited this list to those who are not strictly in government but instead influence it from the outside.

The next time you hear New York called a tech hub, you’ll know the key power players behind its successes.

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