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BRASH Engines Inc.

BRASH CHP: Heat & Power for the homeowner. Replace furnace, halve winter fuel cost, eliminate the power bill, while lowering GHG emissions.


Founded: 2010
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


BRASH Engines is producing fielded prototypes for evaluation by utilities and other stakeholders. Our patented BRASH CHP (combined heat and power) product can produce reliable electrical power on demand, cut the homeowner’s monthly energy cost in half and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The BRASH design fits in the space of a home furnace, costs about the same, and works well with other clean , Distributed Generation solutions, like Solar PV.



Michael Brookman

President and Founder of BRASH Engines and named inventor on the underlying BRASH technology. Mike was president of Interspiro Inc.,a manufacturer of respirators for firefighters and other first responders, for fifteen years. Most of Mike's career has involved product development and business development in lithium batteries, avionics, and personal protective equipment, with patents issued in each product area.


Gary Mullin

Gary serves as CFO, providing a suite of services to assist BRASH to be more efficient, effective and profitable. Areas include banking, capital planning, cash flow management, budgeting, financing, debt restructuring, profit improvement, project /sales management, operations, and acquisition assistance and due-diligence. Gary served as President, Bank of Southern Connecticut, Executive VP| Risk Management, Fleet Financial/Bank of America.


Peter Cantone

Founder and former COO of Spray Foam Nation, a national spray foam insulation distribution and training center for the spray foam industry. Peter is on-site manager for our test facility in West Haven, CT. Areas of focus will be creating training programs for technicians, building relationships with HVAC distributors/contractors, training in-house techs, personnel, working with utilities on logistics and support for assembly and test.

Lead Engineer

Nathan C. Jones

Nathan joined BRASH in 2015 to advance prototype design to initial product configuration, with a concentration on controller design and test. Nathan serves as lead engineer on the launch of BRASH CHP.


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