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Smartphones have changed how people search for product info. Mobile shoppers respond to visuals so we've built a video product search platform for brands.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 9
Quick Pitch:


Buzztala is reinventing product search. As shoppers migrate from computers to mobile they're also migrating from traditional search engines to product discovery via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. So retailers are getting less bang for their buck with search ads each year. Buzztala's short consumer product summary videos deliver great ROI by helping retailers like Walmart, Walgreen and Sears boost inbound traffic from multiple sources.


Co-founder + CEO

Jay DeDapper

Co-founders Jay DeDapper and Henry Wong are experts in bringing complex video and technology products to market. Jay has deep knowledge of video technologies as co-founder of web video leader Zazoom Media Group and working at NBC Universal. He has led development of the Buzztala platform.

Co-founder + COO

Henry Wong

Henry is an eCommerce pioneer who has founded three startups including Rally Commerce, which under his leadership, partnered with over 50 top online retailers. Henry is a proven retail technology strategist with strong understanding of retail, brands and technology.


Kelly Dyer

Kelly is a two-time tech startup founder with deep and broad experience in all aspects of eCommerce technology. He's overseen building platforms at numerous companies and understands the importance of client-first development -- even if the client is internal.


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