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CoLoadX Corporation

CoLoadX is a Digital Marketplace for the $260B Ocean Logistics Industry


Founded: 2015
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


CoLoadX is the B2B ocean freight marketplace that delivers pricing transparency and logistics process improvement to the ocean freight industry. Our customers save 25% or more per shipment in this market of $260 billion annual global spending. Team - Combined 40 years experience in the industry Traction - MRR:$19,500 net 100+ customers have shipped over $20 million of goods through CoLoadX



Petere Miner

Entrepreneurially minded leader starting new businesses. BSEE with international savvy and ability to infuse new thinking into supply chains.


Fauad Shariff

Creature of small business. 1 Entrepreneurial Venture & 1 Small Business Managed. I see the big picture & can do business around the world.

Tech Lead/Architect

Salima Fassil

Senior SW Architect with deep experience in Marketplace development. Work experience at Twitter, Walmart Labs, IBM.


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