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We are Producing a Feature Film, based on actual events in the Cannabis Trade. We will Entertain and Enlighten viewers worldwide.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 0
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Herb Trader Feature Film LLC was formed for the purpose of producing the "Herb Trader" Film. Our goal is to entertain with a world class motion picture, while exposing the human suffering that the War on Cannabis has created. Our film will show how present draconian laws, that govern this essential herbaceous plant, has had an enormous negative impact on people everywhere. The goal is to have both domestic and international distribution.



George Gallo

An important factor in box office success is the execution of the film by a known writer and/or director. George Gallo is a sought after entity in the entertainment world with over 23 credits as a writer, producer, director. Gallo's films have collectively earned more than $700 million worldwide. Memorable films George Gallo, is known for are Midnight Run, Bad Boys, Analyze This, Columbus Circle, Trapped in Paradise, 29TH Street, and many more.


Fernendo Ramirez

Fernando Ramirez, represents a range of industry professionals including film producers, writers, directors, media personalities, executive producers composers, musicians, songwriters,managers, music producers indie labels, and book authors. His clients have garnered Emmy, Oscar, Peabody, MacArthur, Sundance, and Grammy nominations and awards. Mr Ramirez has worked on over 50 films.


Kenneth P Olsen

After graduating from the University of North Carolina Law School, Kenneth worked as a Bronx Assistant District Attorney. After the DA's office Kenneth started a private practice specializing in entertainment law which he studied at NYU. Kenneth represented numerous screenwriters, producers, musicians and artists in his N.Y based law firm. In 1980 Kenneth studied film production at Columbia. He now owns United Video Artists LLC.


Arthur Robert Torsone

By 1984 Arthur had sold his Garden Center "Abbey Lane" and Florist-gift shops in NY. He then formed "Little Bear Builders Inc." He designed and built custom homes. In the Herb Trade since college, Arthur was arrested in 1998 for cannabis. In 2002 he copyrighted his story. Released in 2006 he became partners in Meadowlands Studio's LLC. 2009 Arthur, published "Herb Trader" 2012 he completed his first screenplay. Arthur works to end Prohibition.

Arthur Torsone


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