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Linda Mason Elements, Inc.

Looking to complete and market four cosmetic product lines, incubated at The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason .


Founded: 1987
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


The mission of the company is to create cosmetic products and concepts that give women of all ages tools and knowledge to express their individuality and beauty through the use of makeup and color. The company is dedicated to breaking down the barrier of age to unite women of all ages through showing how color can be used to brighten & enlighten as opposed to sexualize, transforming the inner spirit at the same time as the outer world.


President Owner

Linda Mason

UK born entrepreneur/ artist/ makeup artist, author of 5 books on makeup. Linda Mason, moved to the US in 1983. Linda worked as an International Makeup Artist in the fashion and beauty Industry since training with Lancome in Paris. She opened The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason in 1998 and consults for large cosmetic companies, holds seminars for their trainers, gives classes to private clients and student. All her manufacturing is US based.

Business development consultant

Daisy Mason

Raised in NYC and brought up in the fashion and beauty industry, Daisy has worked in high end fragrance sales since 2001 with companies such as Creed, Bond No. 9, L'Artisan Parfumeur and Penhaligons. Trained as a classical singer and raw/living foods educator. As of February 2012 she has joined her mother at The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason, bringing a fresh youthful perspective to the company vision.

Strategic marketing advisor

Rebecca Shine

Eight years at Red Bull UK spent immersed in the product and brand development. Present:- Owner of NY Shine,coaching start up businesses in their marketing and brand plans. Specialties:Strategic marketing for small businesses. Brand development and Lifestyle events.


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