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OWAL is a cloud CV platform that completely reimagines & enriches surveillance video, extracting information in realtime that improves communal life.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 7
Quick Pitch:


OWAL is a cloud video platform that completely reimagines and enriches surveillance video in residential and commercial buildings & communities. OWAL's AI tracks people & finds anomalies in surveillance video, alerting management in real time. The company allows management to employ a traditional surveillance system as a lightweight deterrence system that sidesteps human-intensive solutions, saving building managers thousands of dollars.


Chaim Fried


April Erikson

April has 18+ years experience in engineering operations, leadership, and program management in the software and tech industry. Her career spans roles at Advent Software, Allianz Dresdner, JetBlue, and most recently Google. She was the first Engineering Operations program manager at Google NYC and was responsible for global efforts, including a $100 MM forklift of Google’s own conference room technology that was completed in over 10,000 rooms.

Machine Learning Engineer

Yakov Okshtein

Yakov is a cross platform developer specializing in algorithms & embedded systems for 16+ years. He has worked for NASA, defense subcontractors, research labs, and most recently Google where he worked the full stack from mobile & web UIs up through backend data processing, server hardware, & everything in between. He holds a BA & MA from Cooper Union in Electrical & Computer Engineering, with a thesis in computer vision & artificial intelligence

Software Engineer

John Ioannidis

“JI” has 20+ years experience working on large scale systems, mainly on security, networking, and where those two meet. Pioneered work on mobile networking and network-level security. Worked for AT&T, Columbia University, Google, Twitter,Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, and a few startups. He holds a diploma in EE from the University of Patras, and a PhD in CS from Columbia University.

Software Engineer

Lee Nussbaum

Lee has worked on front-end and server-side web, iOS, and systems development and devops tasks for a mix of startups and small business clients. His most recent role was on the IT Security team at Morgan Stanley. He also handles A/V mixing and streaming for tech events such as NYC’s Elixir language conference (EmpEx) and the city’s Ember.js meetup.

Director of Partnerships

Vince Traylor

Vince has 20+ years sales & marketing experience in market analytics, SaaS, mobile marketing, emerging technologies & network hardware. His most recent employers include Nielsen, comScore and iLoop Mobile, where he worked with brands, agencies and content providers to address and identify business issues through the use of datasets and custom research. He holds a BA from Ohio State University.

Buisness Development

Douglas Soclof

Douglas is a successful restaurateur in a previous life, who has extensive experience in real estate. As a successful investor, Douglas has been at the center of several large deals in New York City real estate in recent years.


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