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Schoozy will be the solution that will bridge the gap between education, unemployment, & income disparity. We are attacking a low competitive, high demand area.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


We are initially attacking a low competitive, high demand area. Every business student (regardless of major) must take accounting and economics (aggregate GPA C-). We have pre-recorded videos of different teachers all explaining the exact same layout that mirrors textbooks. Our differentiation is empowering the students (initial user base) to rank who teaches what they are looking for better.


Founder & CEO

Matthew Albertell

Experience: Morgan Stanley FGI Finance (Financial Analyst). Joseph Gunnar (Syndicate Underwriter). Yonkers Partners in Education (Social Media Analyst). NGG Medical - (Web Developer). Mars Design - (Business Development Manager). Edge Impact 501 (c)(3) - (Co-Founder). Lord & Taylor (Suit Salesman).

Director of Operations

Daniel Bitrand

Ethix People (CEO & President) Cafe 50, LLC (Owner & Managing Director) Ollin Arm Candy (Vice President) Enterprizer Technologies, LLC (Business Intelligence Analyst)

Chief of Technology

Judah Anthony

The Economist (Technology Director) AETN (Senior Web Developer) (Web Developer)


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