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Tunnel X, Inc.

Tunnel X brings secure, private conversation to everyone. The best place for online conversation, realtime or not. Both refreshingly simple and utterly secure.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Tunnel X is the best platform for secure, private conversation. On web and mobile apps. You converse in writing, as you might with email or instant messaging. Tunnel X improves on both: It's very secure, with encrypted stored messages and strong authentication. Tunnel X comes without the visual & functional overhead of email, and as a separate service, is not compromised by exposure of email apps. Tunnel T and Tunnel C are enterprise editions.


Eric Liftin


Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider has been building large-scale commercial web applications since 1995. Most recently, as CTO/EVP of Product Development at India-focused commerce site Prior to joining Squarekey, Steve was CTO at MyNines, the first aggregator of private-sale sites. Before that, he was a Senior Technical Manager at AOL, and team leader at Quigo.


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