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A new financial technology based on the dense portable value of diamonds


Founded: 2013
Employees: 12
Quick Pitch:


Secured Worldwide is a global FinTech headquartered in New York City and Hong Kong that in 2015 launched VULT. A new store of wealth and asset class. VULT transforms diamonds from a historically personal asset, into a transparent, understandable bearer instrument, store of wealth and monetary exchange. VULT provides an alternative for assets held by global investors in cash, gold, real estate and other tangible stores of wealth


Inventor and CEO

Joseph Lipton

33 year real estate and business developer

Managing member

Jay Plourde

Forty one year International investment banking, equity trading and research executive. Distribution and operations management experience with CLSA Credit Suisse, Scius Capital and Asianomics.

Founding member

Justine Bone

Cyber security and technology executive with background in risk management, information security governance, business development, identity management, and software security research


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