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Global Advertising Agency


A mobile SDK that helps developers increase downloads, boost app usage and connect with their users

Papanic Niche Spirits

We are a premium spirits developer. We launched our first product -- Ya Mastiha Liqueur -- in late 2012. Greek inspired. Locally produced.


Smarp is a real time celebrity check-in service combining celebrity news and LBS. Smarp happens when TMZ meets Yelp meets Twitter.

Pensa Labs

The DIWire is the first desktop wire bender, a new archetype for rapid prototyping. It bends wire into curves that can be assembled to make almost anything.

VOICE - Be Heard LLC

Voice is a social media revolution that connects you to those around you in a way unlike any other. What starts with a whisper could be echoed around the world.

TapX Trading

TapX is a freemium modeled Financial app that allows users to trade commission free with the potential to upgrade to a monthly fee based analytics program.


FamUpdate is a private social networking site for families. We protect the family unit without sacrificing the collection of useful data for advertisers.

Oreks Company LLC

Oreks is a young, innovative company that specializes in frozen ready meals.


Social network platform connecting artists and cultural organizations around the world, a LinkedIn for the creative industries