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Introduction to Spring Boot 2

Introduction to Spring Boot 2


Software Skills Training
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New York, NY
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Monday, April 1, 2019 - 5:00am


As the Spring framework has grown, creating and configuring Spring applications has become more and more complex. Spring Boot takes an "opinionated" view of an application (via intelligent defaults) that minimizes configuration and boilerplate Spring code. Spring Boot makes it easier to use Spring's many frameworks, and adds advanced capabilities such as health monitoring. This course introduces Spring Boot from the ground up, including overviews of building blocks such as Maven. It covers the key features and capabilities of Spring Boot, and teaches experienced Spring developers the skills they need to use Spring Boot productively. This course covers Spring Boot 2 and Spring 5 - the current releases of these frameworks. The standard platform does all labs with the Eclipse IDE, and the lab instructions include detailed directions for setting up and using it. The course can be made available for all major development environments, including IBM RAD and IntelliJ. Course Prerequisites Java SE programming experience equivalent to attending the Java Programming course and basic knowledge of Spring equivalent to attending the 3-day Introduction to Spring 5 Framework course. Students Will Learn Overview of Spring Core (focus on @Configuration) and Maven/Gradle When to use Spring Boot Using Spring Boot starters and to easily create new applications Understanding and using Spring Boot's auto-configuration Customizing your application configuration Understanding and using Spring Boot's Spring Data / Spring Data JPA capabilities Understanding and using Spring Boot's Web capabilities Using embedded servlet containers Using Spring Boot Data REST Using Spring Security with Spring Boot Understanding and using Spring Boot's Actuator Using Actuator endpoints to monitor and manage applications Working with Spring DevTools Spring CLI

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