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Director of Marketing



About Accathon Capital:

Our acceleration programs and investments infuse digital transformation to drive expansion, build value, and solve critical challenges in the cross-border market. We bring the corporate innovation and resources necessary for leaders to drive revenue, to develop and implement accelerated growth strategies, and execute tactics necessary for the next level of business growth in the global competition.

About the Role:

We are only seeking candidates with at least 2-4 years of experience in a marketing role at a startup, investment firm, accelerator, financial services company, or tech company.

We are seeking an experienced marketing guru to join our team, lead the Marketing department, and report directly to the Managing Director. We are looking for someone with experience helping to scale a high-growth startup in the fields of acceleration and investment.

We run extremely flat and are looking for someone that can not only execute but become a core member of our team and contribute to the mission, vision, and culture here in a very positive way.

We are looking for someone:

  • With a deep understanding of the ecosystem of tech startups, VCs, and accelerators (particularly the US-China case).
  • Who agrees that the people and the mission are more important than any job description.
  • With a desire to take ownership of their work.
  • Who has strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • With the ability to run in the right direction given a lot of rope.
  • With an unending drive and a thirst to learn.
  • Who is transparent and honest with excellent communication skills.
  • Who is able to develop and execute a cohesive branding and marketing strategy.

You'll be expected to be very, very good at:

  • Long-form content creation and user-centric content strategies.
  • Identifying, implementing, and iterating strategies to improve audience acquisition and experience.
  • Social media marketing.
  • SEO, repurposing, and syndication of long-form and short-form content.
  • Email marketing, including newsletters, drip campaigns, etc.
  • Event planning and partnership management.
  • Public relations and user education.
  • Tracking everything and making data-driven decisions.
  • Planning, building, executing, and iterating on marketing strategies on models with minimal oversight.

The minimum requirements are:

  • At least 2-4 years of marketing experience at a top startup, investment firm, financial services firm, or tech company.
  • Deep knowledge of online marketing and content creating tools.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience running and implementing a content marketing strategy.
  • Bilingual fluency in both English and Chinese strongly preferred.
  • Experience with both China and US markets strongly preferred.


2 - 6 Years Work Experience
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