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Manager – Systems and Software Division



Manager – Systems and Software Division

Full Time

Mountain View, CA

Position Summary

Connected cars are emerging as a ground for cutting-edge technologies in the automotive industry. Communication between cars, other edge devices, and the cloud has the potential to support brand-new mobility services and sophisticated new technologies, e.g., advanced information sharing, coordinated autonomous systems, highly distributed control systems, etc. Software in cars and overall connected systems play a key role in safety and convenience.

We are seeking a manager in our research center’s Systems and Software Division, which conducts highly-advanced research of software technologies for connected services of the future.

The selected candidate will lead research projects with a talented team and develop new software technologies / architectures of connected services. Your responsibilities will include all aspects of software-related research for connected services, including but not limited to, the creation of an innovative vision, derivation and proof of new theories, a proposal of new methodologies, and demonstration of all of these.

Primary Performance Responsibilities:

● Demonstrate strong leadership and develop novel ideas to support high-assurance software systems for the connected services

○ Plan, direct, and lead overall strategies of the Systems and Software Division’s research for connected services, such as defining a research vision consistent with that of our Center as a whole and a technology roadmap to achieve it

Develop and manage a research plan based on the technology roadmap, set the goals/milestones, supervise the team to deliver all committed projects on-time, on-scope, on-budget, and with adherence to corporate direction and quality standards, and in coordination with relevant stakeholders including customers and other outside collaborators

○ Develop/maintain relationships/partnerships with existing and potential customers to both understand their needs and promote our research center’.s ideas

○ Develop/maintain relationships/partnerships with universities and other outside collaborators as a source of new research, projects, and recruitment

○ Motivate, coach, and guide individual team members for their future growth and to enhance their results (including assistance in drafting patents/papers)

○ Select and evaluate quality personnel to ensure the effective operation and growth of the Center

● Formulate your own research in the following areas by creating a research plan, promoting your research with collaborators, and reporting the result to various stakeholders

○ System and software architecture modeling of connected services as a whole

○ Formal analysis based on system architecture models

○ Virtual (simulation based) prototyping of connected services and systems

● Meld your ideas with our own to further refine and enhance our vision for connected vehicles

○ Participate in managerial discussions to define the requirements and identify the research topic to create a connected mobile society

○ Work with executives and other cross-functional teams to shape the Center’s future research direction

○ Encourage the entire team to work closely with other divisions’ members to facilitate the Center’s overall activities to create a connected mobility society in a holistic way.

Experience/Skills Required:

● Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or related field

○ Strong research skills in Software Engineering, Software Architecture, and Software Assurance

● 10+ years experience in research and development in the software domain, such as computer systems, embedded systems, connected systems, software engineering, development process, quality assurance, etc. Experience working in a corporate lab setting with a proven track record of cross-functional collaboration and achievements is required.

● 3+ years of technical leadership and people management experience

● Deep knowledge of the following software-related technologies

○ Model-based design methodologies: modeling languages, simulation, testing, monitoring, and prototyping

○ Verification techniques: formal languages, formal analysis, runtime verification, and falsification

○ Software architecture and analysis: software platforms, OS, middleware, embedded software, mobile edge computing, cloud computing, API,SDK, IDE, architecture modeling languages, and analysis techniques

○ Cyber-security: network security, authentication, security analysis, and intrusion detection

○ Programming and scripting languages, e.g., Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, etc.

○ Software platforms, e.g., Linux, RTOS, Windows, MacOS, ROS, DDS, MQTT, etc.

○ Internet protocols, e.g., TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.

○ Cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, etc.

● Hands-on prototyping skill is a must

● A proven track record as a world-class researcher, such as excellent paper publications and patents. Leading academic conferences and workshops, e.g., PC membership, is a plus

● Knowledge of in-vehicle systems is a plus

● Other experiences/knowledge relevant to connected services and system/network architecture (such as machine learning/network/edge computing) is a plus

● Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to convey a complicated research theme in an easy-to-understand and effective way

● Excellent project management skills to manage the project, budget, and timeline


To apply for this position, please submit your information for the following materials:

● A cover letter explaining why you would like to work with us

● Latest Resume/CV

● Any other information that you think we should consider when reviewing your application