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William Okpo

William Okpo is a contemporary fashion label that caters to a new- wave of women


Alcohoot is the world's first law enforcement grade smartphone breathalyzer.

i-Mobb llc

i-Mobb, the Free Roaming App (Android, iPhone). Make and receive calls on your device with no roaming charges for the duration of your trip.


Mobile app allowing users to monitor and lower their energy usage at home.


Students and professionals use BigTwist to create powerful and engaging presentations.

BookaLokal Inc.

BookaLokal is a marketplace that connects aspiring chefs, food entrepreneurs and restaurants to new customers.


Betterment is the largest automated investing service, helping people to better manage, protect, and grow their wealth through smarter technology.


Richie is an app to invest with friends towards common goals without sharing money.


Personaa is a revolutionized online gift-shop that recommends perfect gifts and customized packages based on people's personalities.

Roadify Transit

Roadify is a single platform that aggregates transit and mobility data from many sources for location-based display on enterprise venue digital signage

Zazoom, LLC

Zazoom is a diversified content creation and distribution company focused on scalable opportunities. Cash flow positive projected in 2013.

Cooper Union Info

CUI simplifies the lives of school communities by creating a digital, interactive rolodex of school information, available on the go.

Blinkbuggy, Inc.

Blinkbuggy takes the pictures & videos stuck on your camera roll and automatically re-packages them into new formats that can be easily enjoyed and shared.


The Exerblast system is a multi-zone game environment that plunges kids & adults into a richly varied, seamless, 45-minute fitness adventure


Poshly is the real-time, on-demand consumer intelligence company.

Hummingbird Communication Inc.

Does your search engine talk? Hummingbird Connect, the iTunes application and its AI engine MAX can have dialogue with you making your search more successful.