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Karst Stone Paper

Global sustainability company that focuses on creating luxury stationery and lifestyle products. Our paper products are made from sustainable stone paper.


CINEPLAY is an Internet TV Network streaming independent movies, series, and Short Films

DomainPaid, Inc.

At the most basic level, owning a domain name today is the digital equivalent of owning a piece of land in the real world real estate market


Secure and anonymous file sharing - unbeatable privacy and data protection in file sharing


Global e-commerce platform that sells curated Emerging Art and offers a Secondary Market where consumers can buy/sell art.


We are an on demand childcare service that's available nationwide 24/7.


Enterprise level tracking system that can track any device, anywhere using bluetooth, cellular and other wireless technologies.


We make paying and collecting rent easy.

axle ai

We make it radically simple for video teams to search and manage their content.


igobono is a social marketplace where members buy, sell and donate goods and services using a social currency (called “bonos”) instead of money.

Import and Exporting Modernization combine to tackle Regulatory and Compliance issues within the FDA, EPA, Customs multi- nationally

1LBL (ONE League of Business Leaders)

#1LBL is preeminent business platform & community of world's business leaders to succeed & enjoy together as ONE People. We believe in unity of diversity.


Providing real estate tax lien investors with liquidity, transparency and a re-imagined processing system to replace the current labor intensive process.


OLIVE OIL USA is a start up import-export agribusiness based in NYC. We are in search of 1M in start up business funds to expand our new venture.

Qualitas Loans, Inc.

Qualitas Loans is disrupting the $25-60k consumer loans market with near-prime, affordable, second lien mortgages for home improvements & debt consolidation.

Category 5 Entertainment Management

We work every day to discover, develop and promote critically and commercially successful artists; each diverse in sound and genre with hit songs.

Blck Neon

We are a start-up video production company for start-ups

Tire Agent 2018 Bridge

Tire Agent is the ultimate end-end solution for purchasing tires online that provides personalized tire recommendations and at-home installation

Vital Formulas

Daily multivitamins in the right combinations for each time of day. Balanced Trio Morning, Mid-day and Evening. The most effective way to take supplements.