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Trubador Inc.

Instant & revolutionary new platform to connect consumers and businesses via trusted feedback.

Agora Fund

Agora makes it easy for smart social investors to find and fund high impact charities. We're like Wealthfront in investing or Orbitz in travel, but we do good.


Unlockable is a cross-platform video ad network with a twist: we convert existing ads into games. People opt into Unlockable to access premium digital content.

Oppa Inc

Blockchain-enabled social Tip Jar - Instagram with money


Covetly is a collectibles platform powered by peer-trading.

Peel Away Labs

Peelaway are the smarter alternative to traditional bedding. Each layer is soft and 100% waterproof. Have a fresh sheet in under 1 minute.


We believe that money should work for you, not against you. NestEgg is an online advisor democratizing Wall Street's investment tools.

Two Way Movers

Local Move, Long Distance Move, Residential Move, Commercial Move, Storage, Interstate Move, Intrastate Move, Office Move, Furniture Removal


WEAR THIS is a social media, fashion networking, and retail mobile application/web-based platform.

Amallu Inc.

Amallu is a platform to stream live or recorded events for schools and religious institutions and to enable multiple forms of interaction among the viewers.


AR platform for furniture brands


The first farm-to-lunchbox meal delivery and food education app for kids!

Aspisafe Solutions

Aspisafe Solutions is a company focused on manufacturing aspiration friendly feeding tubes.


Soara is a career path optimization platform that provides students a personalized career journey based on their aspirations, personalities, and abilities.


SugarWaterRadio is an Internet radio station looking to go FM. SWR Has bin in the radio game for 5 years and we are looking for Investor

Totem Group Inc

Community management and matchmaking for gamers and their communities!


An online community where influential individuals meet and prescribe products, services and events in an organized way, ultimately monetized


A free blockchain bookkeeping system. Saving you time, saving you money.