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Manam App

A location based social networking mobile app for Telugu speaking people around the world.


Service for organization, promotion and searching for parties

Hushmail Help

Hushmail focuses on services which can give you valuable email experience with enhanced security. With any kinds of special features, Hushmail is fully secured.

24/7 TEACH

We are an Online Marketplace and Ecosystem for K-12 Educational Services and Training.


we’re a team of creative, free thinking artists and developers. we combine our skills and ideas to develop a high end visual experience in virtual reality.


MEDi EDDiE is a scalable, customizable digital health management solution driving improvements of 10%-15% in prescription adherence.


Acteamo is one of the best software collaboration tool in United States.

Gig Lance

Gig Lance is a gig economy platform that facilitate a relationship between advice seeker and seller


Health information, personalized. For life. Helping people diagnosed with illness by providing personalized health information they can trust and understand.

Scott Malcolm Dallas

Scott Malcolm Dallas has a “magic” effect that makes people like him. He picks up on small social cues and makes adjustments to accommodate.


What LinkedIn is to Facebook, Paradine is to Yelp.

The Shelf

We are a data-driven influencer marketing platform.


Inspiring sustainability one beautiful face at a time.


Map Collective is an online hub for environmental news, data, and impact tracking via a digitally calculated carbon footprint.

Be Inclusive

Be Inclusive is a search-and-discovery mobile app, that reveals search results based on inclusivity of venues, merchants and much more.

Urban Fashion Sense

Urban Fashion Sense is an Image Consulting Boutique & Blog. Specializing in Fashion, Media & Event Partnerships.


Empower your stores to market themselves.