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Laidlaw Energy Group, Inc.

We develop power plants that make electricity from biomass fuel (wood chips, agricultural waste) and sell our cleaner power to utilities.

Live Sports Live

Exclusive, flexible and impressive corporate hospitality experience at major sporting events globally, be inside the action, meet and great champions

Sharewave, LLC.

A beautifully simple way for private companies to organize, visualize and share information with their investors.

kevin's Startup

Order Medication online any time from below given company URLs. #Adderall #Ambien #Oxycontin #Xanax #tramadol

Neture, Inc.

A new internet service provider targeting underserved markets, with the goal of becoming the digital services gateway for over 50M connected homes.

The Artistic Pursuit

The Artistic Pursuit teaches the business of being an actor through an educational video series.


Sportimity is a social sports service that allows people to find and create sports events

BRASH Engines Inc.

BRASH CHP: Heat & Power for the homeowner. Replace furnace, halve winter fuel cost, eliminate the power bill, while lowering GHG emissions.

Quality Reviews, Inc.

Quality Reviews helps health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations improve the care experience through real-time patient feedback.


Students and professionals use BigTwist to create powerful and engaging presentations.

Crowdsourced beer, concepts by beer lovers, crafted by master brewers

Jon Hill Turf

I am Jon Hill and can make a lawn beautiful with good quality lawn turf. I have more than ten years experience in the lawn turf industry.

Scores Digital Gaming

Fully licensed US and Worldwide real money online casino, sportsbook, and social casino. Available on web, tablet, and mobile device.


Growing, processing and distributing innovative cannabis products to retailers throughout New York State in 2021.

Stanislav Komsky Baltimore Sun

Stanislav Komsky is an entrepreneur and business consultant in Florida. With his business strategies and innovative ideas, he helps people in their businesses.

Joe Elkind in Florida

Joe Elkind is starting the first prescription drug center in the United States, five years as director for Lens Express.