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Douglas Holloway

Douglas Holloway is as of now a company professional for Wyndham Holiday Possession and an important advisor.


Pneuron is business orchestration software that enables enterprises to create, deploy and manage intelligence, reports and applications.


Ally is a the first non-wearable health monitor designed to alert caregivers to changes in a seniors health.

Proximity Insight

Proximity Insight takes the flood of corporate data and puts it into the hands of those on the ground in an intelligent, understandable, and actionable way.

Algomizer ltd

Create you online campaign automatically in just 2 minutes


WhoDIK lets it users find businesses owned by their Facebook Friends and Friends of Friends. Don't ask "Who Do I Know?" Think WhoDIK!


Dont you miss college? You never had to worry about picking the right class or graduating on time. No? If u had my app Advyzr you’d know exactly how that feels


Wethos is a marketplace that brings skilled cause-conscious freelancers to the nonprofit industry that is in need of a slew of resources.

Deja Vu USA

Deja Vu USA makes Mobile Social by bridging the gap of Local Search with FB friend Checkins, Daily Deals and Consumer Reviews in one app!

Pluvio, Inc.

We're producing interactive, dynamic, and engaging customer experiences & bridging the O2O ecosystems through an AI & graph powered adaptive experience engine.


GLAZ is a 3D printing Marketplace using Virtual Reality


We are a physical product development platform built to get great product ideas off the sidelines and into the hands of customers.

Que sal mah

Que sal mah is disrupting the fashion space by offering an on-demand service of custom made dresses at our client's home.

Runbox pvt ltd

Runbox fully ensures that a customer’s email privacy is protected and secured.

Nutz and Botz (NBz)

Nutz and Botz is the evolution of Character Driven - Designer Clothing. Just imagine Hello Kitty on Steroids.