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This NYC Startup is the Future of Learning Music

At some point in your life, you may have wanted to learn how to play an instrument. But you never got around to it, were never good at it, or just didn’t have the time.  Popuband, is a smart-instrument startup that can turn that dream into a reality.  It has built a smart ukulele, called Populele that features a number of LEDS that guide you while also listening to you play for a truly immersive learning experience. The smart instruments are accompanied with a user friendly mobile app that connects to the instrument via Bluetooth, gamifying your music lessons. The company was nice enough to send us one of the Populeles complete with a carrying case in the event you want to bring out a ukulele on the go. Within minutes, we were connected and learning as well as playing the nifty little instrument guided by the fun and interactive app.    The company has already seen some interesting outcomes with children with autism and it will be interesting see what develops as they grow beyond their existing user base and expand into other instruments.

AlleyWatch chatted with CEO and founder Martin Chen about the company, its origin, and future plans.

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